If you are a full-time resident or vacationing along Highway 30A, there is an app you must have. It is the 30A App (link) which can be downloaded on an iPhone or Android phone. Three reasons why I love this app are:

30A App: Seaside Florida Gulf Beach Flag

Seaside Florida Beach Flag

Beach Flag Status and Live Beach Cams: For those of us who are not fortunate enough to live on the gulf or have a view of it, the Beach Flag Status and Live Beach Cams are a great thing to view before you make the walk, bike ride, or drive to the beach. There have been a few times I have walked to the beach with my two young children, and the double red flags are up, so we walk back home as my kids are disappointed. I now check this app every time before heading to the beach.

30A App: 30a Songwriters Festival

30a Songwriters Festival

Events: As you know, there are many events taking place at all times along 30A. When my wife and I are discussing what to do that evening or next weekend when we have friends in town, this app is a great resource to make a plan. The app shows local events as far as two weeks out, and gives you a daily schedule showing what events are taking place from the East end of Destin to Rosemary Beach.

30A Radio: If you are already at the beach or dreaming of being there, 30A Radio is for you. Their streaming music will put you in a great mood. We enjoy listening to 30A radio at the beach and even at home during the afternoons and evenings.

If you live along 30A or are visiting the emerald coast for a week during the Summer, give the 30A app a try.  Let me know your thoughts about this app below.

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